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* Adaba Masjid *

* If people are present at the time of entering the mosque, if they are not present in the Zikro Tilawat, then salute them or else say Assalamo Alaina Mirrabbana and Ala Ibadil Lahis Salheen *
* If the time is not there, then read 2 Rakat Tahayatul Mosque *
* Buy ▶ do not sell *
* Do not find the lost thing in the mosque *
* ▶ Do not raise voice except Zikr *
 * Don't talk about the world *
* ना Do not raise the neck of people *
* ▶ Sit where you are *
* Do not sit in such a way that others suffer *
* ना Do not pass before Namazi *
* ू not spit in the mosque *
* Do not click 8 fingers *
* Keep Anjat, mad and very young children away from the mosque *
* Drinking or sleeping in mosque is illegal except for Motkiff's others *
* Eating raw onions or garlic or any stinky food or which smells too bad should not go to the Masjid Masjid, but is also sorry for the attendance of the congregation * Read Namaz in the house *
* It is good to remove the grin after the prayer, but some people just turn the corner and their idea is that the devil will sit on it, it is foolish *
* It is Capricorn to climb on the roof of Aabila Uzre Sharai Mosque *
* Orats are not allowed in the mosque *
* 📕 Bahara Shariat, Part 16, Saf 119 *
* Justifying the world in the mosque eats nectar as fire eats wood and laughter in the mosque brings darkness to the grave_ *
* 📕 Ahkame Shariat, Part 1, Saf 109 *
* In Amjid it is forbidden to beg, who will give 1 rupees to the masseur in the mosque, then he will have to pay 70 rupees kaffarah *
* ता Fatawa Razviyeh, Bild 6, Safah 436 ** ह Ehkame Shariat, Part 1, Saf 113 *
* It is often seen in the Masjids that as soon as Imam Saheb has saluted, a voice comes that brother I am such and have come from such a place, it is strictly forbidden to give such people, but it is a crime, whenever you are asked to give a Kaffara Yes, if the needy man says his Hajat before the Imam Saheb and then the Imam Saheb asks the people for it, then it is justified to do so because Huzoor Sallallahu Taala Alaihi Wasallam Ak Sir was announced Ghani companions to help his poor companions, who Rhten sitting outside fakir mosque Kiev early in the morning Jaye_ given to them *
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